The History of Bärenhotel

An Inn, a key event, a new start ...

In 1484, life was much more difficult and the owner of the Arndtwirt Inn in Sorafurcia near Valdaora had to cross the Sunderland Pass at 1,789 metres altitude every Sunday, making a difficult climb to attend Mass in Marebbe. One day, along the way, he was attacked by a big bear. Looking at death in the eyes, the faithful man turned to God, praying to be saved. In despair, he promised to build a church in Sorafurcia if he survived this encounter. His prayers were answered and he maintained his promise, financing the construction of the place of worship. In honour of this story, still retold today, our 5-star hotel in the Dolomites is named Bärenhotel (Bear Hotel).

Fairy tale views
Snowy landscapes
Enjoy a holiday with a front row seat, in the embrace of the mountains, rising majestically towards the winter sky. Starting from the Bärenhotel, you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of wonder like no other... 
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