A summer full of fantastic events at Plan de Corones

Our new specials exclusively at Bärenhotel

Alpine forest bathing–regain your strength
Benefit from the positive effect of trees and make a truly unique experience. Leaning against a trunk, feeling the bark on your back, the strength and energy of the tree will pass over to you and you’ll become one with it …

“Shinrin Yoku”–forest bathing
Already recognized in Japan, this therapy helps to improve blood values and wellbeing. It has been scientifically proven that a walk through the woods reduces blood pressure, improves the oxygen supply of cells, strengthens the immune system, boosts cancer-killing cells and benefits our soul.

Forest walks in connection with breathing exercises and meditations are the essence of this therapy.

Leave the burdens of everyday life behind and recharge your batteries …

  • Give yourself some time ...
  • Time to be free ...
  • Time for nature ...
  • Time to observe ...
  • Time to find yourself ...
  • Time to relax ...
  • Time to respire ...

You will turn back to your routine in a good mood, feeling great, with new drive and strong like a bear.

Experience summer
Our new specials exclusively at Bärenhotel
  • “Shirin Yoku”–alpine forest bathing
  • The power of trees
  • My forest image
  • Moonlight walk to the place of power

  • Bear Route 71
  • Guided Sunday walk

  • Mental time-out
  • “A glass full of love” in two or alone
  • Fantasy journey
  • Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation

  • Herb hike
  • Herb workshop
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